The Chimerical Mother Edit

Description: At first glance (or first manifestation), the spirit takes on the form of a maternal human woman, dressed in a white gown, with an odd sort of warmth emanating from her. As one watches her, and time goes on, however, her form shifts. She moves from appearing human one moment to taking on the appearance of claws and fangs, sprouting fur and feathers, eyes changing to glowing red or unearthly violet, skin taking on a deathly pallor, or becoming covered in arcane symbols in different semi-spiritual tongues, and sometimes any combination therein. These features constantly shift and change, though solidify momentarily whenever 'she' uses a numina or influence of some kind.

The totem rarely speaks with those outside the Bond, unless they address her in the First Tongue or another supernatural language. Still, she does seem to understand most languages local to Narwick, she simply won't respond in kind.

Type: Hybrid; she benefits from the best and worst of ghostly, spiritual, and goetic ephemera rules, depending on what benefits her most in a situation. For instance, a gift that targets Spirits to harm them wouldn't affect her, but a rite to empower a spiritual totem would work just fine, if she wanted it too. Similarly, she gains essence and can create conditions in the same circumstances all three could.

Rank: 2

Attributes: Power 2, Finesse 3, Resistance 4

Influences: Unity 1, Protection 1

Essence: 9 (Equal to Totem dots contributed)

Willpower: 7

Size: 5

Speed: 15 (Species Factor 10)

Initiative: 7

Defense: 2

Manifestations: Twilight Form, Gateway, Materialize

Numina: Regenerate, Seek, Versatile Energies*

*Versatile Energies: The entity can spend points of Corpus, Essence, and Willpower interchangeably, and in addition may garner essence from offered energy of other sorts (Vitae or Glamour, for instance). It may similarly spend any of the aforementioned traits to grant energy to other entities, possibly even if they lack the appropriate type normally, such as infusing a mortal with Glamour (the exact effects of this are up to the Storyteller).

Ban: Cannot do anything that would lead to the group's Oath being broken, nor can it do anything that'd be effectively breaking it itself.

Bane: Any weapon that's been magically transformed from one material and form into another with a supernatural ability.